What the Most Sexually Satisfied Couples are Doing in (and Out of) Bed

What keeps passion alive in a long-term relationship? According to a recent
study of nearly 40,000 adults (all of whom were heterosexual and currently
in romantic relationships), there were five key differences between people
who said they were able to keep the passion going and those who weren’t.
People who kept the spark alive were more likely to (1) spend time setting
the mood, (2) practice sexual communication, (3) receive oral sex, (4) be
happier with their relationship in general, and (5) engage in more acts of
sexual variety.

While there’s a lot to be said about each of these factors, I want to focus
on just one of them in this post—the role of sexual variety.
Source: http://sexpositiveacademy.com/blog/feed/

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