Welcome To The Sanctuary Center

Oh hey, I’m Becky. I’m not conventional (who is?). I have 2 partners, 2 kids, and 6 chickens. Throughout my life I’ve performed normal for so long. I’ve put on the show; I’ve pretended that all I wanted was a house in the suburbs, to having matching pajamas in Christmas pictures, and to make my Facebook profile look good. And then I stopped trying.

I walked into the Sanctuary Center the first time before it was open. I, like so many others, were called on to volunteer. The spot was new, the energy was high, the excitement was tangible. My kids and I painted the walls in the classroom together. We ate pizza, we knocked down walls. For one of the first times, we were in a space where we could be authentic. I spent the day with my family there enjoying the comradery of a bunch of folks who just needed a place to feel safe and connected. There finally wasn’t a performance. It’s like my whole body exhaled.

Since then, I’ve become a part of The Sanctuary Center and am working here full time. Every day I spend here has been a cathartic exercise in embracing the real me. When I greet people now, the smile isn’t fake. When people ask how I like my job, I’m honest when I say I love it. I want to go to work now.

One of the reasons I believe so much in this place is the power of community. On the walls, one of our norms states, “We know healing happens in relationships and community, not in isolation.” I read that now every day when I walk in and I sit down to make this place amazing. I believe in this place, and I want you to too.

So, random internet reader, I invite you to follow our journey here at the Center. I want you to watch how we’re ever expanding into our community, growing and healing together. I want you to see how we’re giving people who used to have to pretend to be happy, a place to actually laugh and smile. I want you to check out our resources. I want you to drop in and share a cup of tea with me. I want you to learn something new. I want you to see our journey. After all, you’re a part of this too.
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