Valentine’s day and crazy emotions | How to cope

Valentine’s day and crazy emotions may be very overwhelming. Some of us dread this holiday meant to highlight love and appreciation. With all the emphasis on people with loving friends, family and relations everywhere it may overwhelm those of us who don’t feel we have that in our life. This can make us feel quite sad and lonely. This is a good time to take a different view of the holiday. How can we do this? Here is a story of how Hurt Mittle turned his Valentine’s day around.

Hurt Mittle was dreading Valentine’s day because he was the new kid and was sure that he wouldn’t get any Valentine’s day cards this year. He would see other kids excited and laughing as they talked about all the Valentine’s they expected. All the stores had lots of great cards, chocolates and candies. There were posters all over the school for the upcoming Valentine’s day dance. Everywhere he looked he saw Valentine promotions, and he grew more depressed as the day drew closer. He didn’t like feeling so left out and alone, but what could he do?

As he walked home from school that day, he saw Empathy Mittle chasing a big red paper heart. It was drifting down the street when he suddenly tripped and his books scattered all over the sidewalk. When Empathy Mittle saw this happen she stopped chasing the heart and ran over to see if he was ok. She was very kind and helped him pick up his books. He thanked her then asked her about the paper heart she was chasing. She shrugged and told him it was ok and that she was just glad he wasn’t hurt. He was grateful for her help and told her he would help her find her paper heart.

They began looking up and down the street when Hurt Mittle laughed and pointed to a nearby tree. The paper heart had drifted up into the tree and was just dangling between the branches. They walked over to the tree and then Hurt Mittle climbed up it and retrieved the paper heart then gave it back to Empathy Mittle. It felt good to be able to repay Empathy Mittles kindness and now he didn’t feel quite as lonely as he had before. That is when he got a great idea of how he could turn Valentine’s day around for himself.

He got home and got right to work on his idea. He had realized that there were a lot of people who had shown him a kindness since he first moved here. Even if they were small ones, like showing him where his next class was, inviting him to sit by them at lunch or even just a kind smile.

First, he cut out a bunch of red hearts from construction paper. On the front of each heart he wrote someone’s name, on the back, he wrote a thank you to them. He added a piece of string to hang them with. He was already feeling wonderful and went to sleep with a big smile on his face.

The next morning, he left for school early with his precious hearts and took them to the school then hung each one of them on the small tree by the front of the door.  You see Hurt Mittle had decided he could make Valentines day special by showing his gratitude to others instead of just wallowing in his left-out feelings. His Valentines tree was a huge success and by the end of the week he noted that others had added their own hearts to the tree, and many had his name on them. It was the best Valentine’s Day he had ever had!

Being grateful is a wonderful tool when we are feeling low, unappreciated or sad. It helps us to remember we are not alone and that even in low times we have much be thankful for. What are you thankful for during this holiday of love and appreciation?

Hugs & Love from all the Mittles of Mittlesville


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