Swingers And Polyamorists May Have More Satisfying Sex Lives Than Monogamists

There’s a common assumption that monogamous relationships are superior to
consensually non-monogamous relationships in virtually all ways. In fact,
studies have found that monogamous relationships are thought to be better
in terms of promoting closeness, trust, intimacy, companionship, and
communication [1]. However, the presumed benefits don’t stop
there—monogamous relationships are assumed to be more sexually satisfying,
too, because it’s presumed that people who open their relationships are
only doing so because they’re unhappy in some way.

So is it really the case that monogamists necessarily have better sex lives
and relationships overall compared to those who are in consensually
non-monogamous relationships? Do the stereotypes reflect reality? Let’s
take a look at the research.
Source: http://sexpositiveacademy.com/blog/feed/

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