Spotlight on: OVO Mini Vibes

I’ve talked a lot about OVO; I started to really appreciate their products when I reviewed the K2 rabbit vibrator which wasn’t my thing, but the quality of it impressed me for an under-$50 dual stimulation sex toy. All OVO vibrators have a 15 year warranty, are made of non-porous materials and are all splashproof (they say showerproof – so use it in the shower, but don’t submerge them). 

I later visited a shop in my state and was able to check out a big display of OVO items. I mainly did this because OVO doesn’t understand how to accurately measure an insertable vibrator – you should give a measurement to the widest part of the insertable portion, not the widest part of the entire thing. This has led to measurements that scare (or excite) people into thinking their insertables are a lot girthier than they actually are. I still haven’t been able to get an accurate measurement, though, which makes recommending their stuff quite difficult. 


I remember being impressed by the OVO T2’s vibrations (moderately rumbly, decent on the power), and the OVO D2’s shape (quite close to the Lelo Mia 2) and vibrations (again, moderately rumbly and decent on power). For the price, they can’t be beat. I really wanted to try out more OVO vibes because I want to have a variety of under-$50 items I can recommend to people. I asked OVO to send me a small selection and 2 of the 3 they sent are very tiny indeed. 

The OVO W2 is extremely tiny; when I held it in my hand I was surprised. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend it for three reasons: 

1. It takes L1131 batteries. I really hate watch-battery vibes; you soon end up spending more on batteries than the vibrator ever cost you. 

2. The PU-coated plastic is fine but the chrome-like paint isn’t. Metallic paints like this have a tendancy to rub off with repeated use. This hasn’t happened yet for me, but that’s because of …..

3. The vibrations are terrible for me. Very mild and surface-buzzy, I could only recommend this for very sensitive folks. But I’m just very underwhelmed. 

All three reasons equally keep me from recommending it; I am certain there are better ways to spend $22.99.


I’m not really sure why they have termed some of these smaller vibes a “lay on” style. I can understand that with the OVO T2 and OVO T1, they have a curve to the body that would cup the mons a bit. But the OVO S1? No. This is really a vibrating “tongue”, if anything. The silicone that sticks out like a tongue is very thin and flexible. Shockingly, it transmits vibrations better than the Jimmyjane Form 3, but again….this is for someone who needs mild vibrations. The vibrations are stronger than the W2 absolutely, but I still feel that they’re very surface-buzzy. Not itchy, not irritating, but not pleasing for me. And then the main body is again the chrome-painted plastic. But the worst part is the noise. No, it’s not the noisiest vibrator I own, it doesn’t even come in second or third place. But for $43.99, and it being rechargeable, I actually expected a little more. A little less noise, no chrome paint, etc. 

Yes if a silicone tongue – flexible, mild vibrations – appeals to you? Get it. There’s a travel lock feature, it’s water-resistant and it’s USB-rechargeable. But I personally am not blown away and cannot ever see myself using it. 

From the computer-generated photos it’s hard to really tell sometimes which OVO designs have chrome paint and which do not; chrome paint is damn hard to photograph, it’s like a mirror. 

I hope to try out more OVO vibrators to see which ones are worth recommending, and I hope other reviewers can snag a couple as well. The under-$40, and especially under-$30, corner of the market is filled with unsafe pieces of junk. To find a few items that are decent and safe will go a long way to creating a change in the sex toy industry. That’s my 2 cents, anyways! 


I was sent the OVO S1 and W2 directly from OVO in exchange for my honest review. You can purchase OVO products from Shevibe, the sex shop I trust most. 

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