Podcast: Not In My Back Yard – Fear-Driven Discrimination

NIMBY is an acronym that stands for “Not In My Back Yard.” It’s what happens when a community (or even just an individual) puts up resistance to something coming into that community (for example, a prison). In this first of a two-part feature, you will meet Juliet Dorris-Williams, Executive Director of The PEER Center, a peer-run, drop-in facility in Columbus, Ohio. After providing much-needed services for quite some time, the Center was suddenly challenged by some members of the community who felt it was an undesirable element. This ultimately led to the Center relocating. Juliet shares the story of this year-long fight.


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NIMBY Show Highlights:

“The biggest lesson that I’ve learned in this past year is that you can be right… and still lose.” ~ Juliet Dorris-Williams

[1:26]   Juliet talks about The PEER Center.

[3:06]   How NIMBY struck.

[5:47]   Welcoming the neighbors.

[8:05]   Trying to meet the neighbors halfway.

[13:16] The legal fight over NIMBY.

[19:38] Will the neighbors learn anything?



About Our Guest

Juliet Dorris-Williams, is Executive Director of The PEER Center in Columbus, Ohio, and a master’s trained, licensed, social worker administrator. Throughout her adult life, she has learned to successfully navigate the challenges that come with being a survivor of trauma and its accompanying twin, depression. She is also the author of Notes to my 25 Year Old Self… A Spiritual Journey.

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Vincent M. Wales is a former suicide prevention counselor who lives with persistent depressive disorder. In addition to co-hosting The Psych Central Show, Vincent is the author of several award-winning novels and the creator of costumed hero Dynamistress. Visit his websites at www.vincentmwales.com and www.dynamistress.com.






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