People Need People

Man, it has been a rough couple of weeks here for me. Every once and awhile life flares up. PTSD and past hurts spill out to the surface, bodies feel faulty, and those we love may be just as vulnerable as we are. This is where I’ve been lately. My creativity sucks, my enthusiasm is overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy, and I think my body really just wants me to exclusively eat ibuprofen instead of actual food at this point. Every day I’ve come to the Center (I mean, I do work here) and I pound out an honest day’s of my best work. But man, my best doesn’t feel good enough.

So that’s where I found myself lately. Now, I didn’t want to write this blog just to bitch and moan about my rough times. In fact, I wanted to do something different. See in the past when I was like this, it just kept happening. Days became weeks, weeks became months, and then next January I was always promising myself that I’d be better off with new years resolutions. This time was different.

The perks of being at the Center all the time (besides the sweet Keurig machine) are intangible. Sometimes when it’s good, you don’t even notice. But when it is rough, it is so obvious that this is just what we need all along. People need people. On bad days, I still find myself laughing and talking with new people. On days when my creativity has run out of steam, I can still bounce ideas off of new folks. When I’m achy and feeling “blah”, our kick ass acupuncturist fits me in for an appointment. This is truly a place of healing.

Now we can’t all work here (believe me, if we had enough paying gigs, I’d hire you), but we can all be a part of this magic. Volunteer, spend some time here, kick back and make dad jokes with strangers. We’re rolling out Monday Meditation at 1pm and Tuesday Tea at 2pm for just that. People don’t need appointments to heal. No memberships, no requirements, no doors closed. Just jump in, say hey, and see if The Center and our warm community can help you may your day a little brighter.


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