Negative Emotions: Why no emotion is actually bad


Negative Emotions: Why no emotion is actually bad is something the Mittles are very passionate about. Each one has a very important role to play to keep us healthy. It is not the emotion that is negative but how we deal with them can be.

warning-system-mittlesWe need to accept all of our emotions and take the time to listen, they are trying to tell us something important. Each emotion we have is like a warning signal. Something happens and our emotional Mittle pops out to to alert us to the situation. If we treat an emotion like it is bad then we tend to try and avoid that emotion. Now we are left with a broken warning signal.

For example: We label Scared Mittle as a negative emotion. But what happens when we avoid or hide feeling scared? We then might try to bring out Brave Mittle. He is all ready to take action but he is out at the wrong time. He jumps in to handle the problem and accidentally hurts someone. We may of avoided that if we had listened to Scared Mittle and accepted her warning. Instead we tried to hide what we felt were Negative Emotions.

The Mittles are not saying that the correct emotion always comes forward when needed. For example, sometimes Angry Mittle or Jealous Mittle may pop up when there is no need for them. However, if we accept that all emotions are good we will be a better judge of when certain emotions should come forward and we can react better. Feeling certain emotions is not always going to be comfortable. But it’s not possible or healthy to always avoid them.

So next time one of your emotional Mittles comes forward take a moment to listen. Ask yourself questions about why that particular emotion is out. Then you will learn more about what that Mittle emotion is trying to tell you. Understanding more about why the emotion is there can help you react properly. Learning how to cope with them and accept them is the key to having a healthy warning system of fabulous Mittles.

Hugs & Love from all the Mittles of Mittlesville

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