Intern Spot Light

Harmony US is pleased to introduce you to one of our amazing mental health interns, Nattalie.

Hello Everyone. My name is Nattalie Roepke. I am a student at Northwestern University and have joined HarmonyUS to complete internship within my Master’s degree program. I am a Florida native and love calling Tampa my home.

I have worked as an educator and an education administrator
for many years. I have my undergraduate degree in psychology and am excited to
be completing my Master’s degree program and to be working within the HarmonyUS

I have many areas of interest. I am currently working toward
my certification in fertility counseling (which provides specific support for
individuals and couples who are experiencing difficulties becoming pregnant,
have had miscarriage(s), are seeking or currently using assisted reproductive
techniques, or are building a family using egg donor, sperm donor, or
surrogacy). I am also familiar with traditional psychoanalytic techniques,
cognitive-behavioral therapies, and solution-focused therapies.

I am also familiar with the treatment of anxiety and PTSD
with cannabis and can provide information and resources in this area.

I am available to see clients on a limited basis. I look
forward to meeting you.


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