How Often???

I have had several people ask me how often should they get acupuncture.  The frustrating answer is it depends. ….on you, your situation, your condition, your diagnosis and your willingness to fully participate in your health care. That being said, it is my goal to get you restored to health as quickly as possible. I don’t want you continuing care for an extended period of time on one issue without relief. If you are like most people, you don’t want to have to come in and see a doctor, but will if I can make you feel better. More than likely, you will have multiple issues over time that require a visit. This is what will keep you coming in to see me, I will not need to have you come in repeatedly unnecessarily.  Honestly, I’d rather treat you a few times, have you feeling great so you tell your friends and family, and have them book with me so they can feel better too!!!


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