How Doorstops Change the World

Today when I came in, there was an Amazon package sitting on the counter.  Inside was a brand-new door stop.  I was thrilled- like squeaky high pitch squeal level, thrilled. Let me explain why this 3-dollar plastic wedge make me giddy.

“Love is an open door” has been belted out in my house since Frozen first came out on DVD.  Despite the Disney-fied nonsense, the sentiment is the same. My mission when I first walked into this place was to open that damn door. Our community center was missing the most important thing, community.  So I pushed it open, and then some cool shit happened. People walked in.

Now these people weren’t the people who found us online.  They may not have been in the marginalized communities we typically serve. They had no idea what this eclectic little hole in downtown was. But they walked in.  And when they did, it gave us the opportunity to share our community with others.

At the core of our values, the Sanctuary Center believes in acceptance.  This doesn’t simply mean that we accept the kink, poly, LGBT, traumatized, and “other” populations. It means we accept people.  Every time someone walks in our door, it gives us a chance to connect with another human being. It gives a chance for the Catholic lawyer to share a cupcake with a transgender sex worker, for the kinky to play Jenga with the asexual.  Closing doors to interactions like this isn’t how the world heals. Empathy is the pathway to community, and I truly believe it starts with opening the door.

So ya’ll this is your call to action. The door is open. It just needs you to walk in.


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