Holistic Psychotherapy

The treatment of emotional and psychological pain that manifests itself in the form of anxiety, depression, physical pain, and other physiological disorders. It is an approach that specifically focuses on the use of traditional psychotherapy combined with alternative medicine and treatment modalities such as acupuncture, massage, herbology, and nutritional counseling in order to achieve harmony between the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of our clients. Unlike western based methods of treatment, this method uses both physical and mental therapies to explore and address the root of your symptoms. Initially, we determine what the client defines as distress and then establish how this distress is manifesting itself. For example, many forms of disharmony can result in symptoms such as interpersonal conflict (fighting), irritability, depression, lethargy, pain, or other disorders. We then work towards finding the root cause of the disharmony and establish a multidisciplinary treatment plan towards healing. This approach to the treatment is especially useful in treating distress caused by severe traumatic experiences such as rape, sexual abuse, domestic violence, war, combat and various crimes. It is also very effective in less severe instances such as divorce, change in lifestyle (e.g. loss of job), or life transitions ( e.g. loss of loved one).

Whatever the source, holistic psychotherapy works to restore the balance between mind, spirit, and body. It is a blending of ancient eastern methodologies with modern western psychotherapies that reach into your inner self and helps you experience a better life with less pain, disharmony, and stress. At HarmonyUS, we are devoted to helping you restore strength and balance to where you can begin to engage life again on a level to where you will feel enriched. We work to help you release the negativity around you and focus on positive aspects and behaviors designed to enrich your life. Our goal is simply to help you experience more joy and well-being in your everyday living.

Source: http://houseofharmony.us/feed

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