Holiday Emotions – Tis the season to feel it all – What to do?

Holiday emotions for some can be very magical, filled with happiness and excitement. But for some the holidays bring out a huge mix of everything. So, what can we do when we are feeling overwhelmed with all these various emotions? How do we cope and find a way to celebrate during a time when everything feels so hectic?

 Peace Mittle realizes that not all her Mittle friends find it easy to remain calm through the holidays. For instance, Frustrated Mittle can be a bit of a grinch around the holidays. So, Peace Mittle created a reminder list to help him cope. Every morning Frustrated Mittle reads it to remind himself of things that will help him get through the day.

  1. Accept that there may be times unwanted feelings come forward. Because accepting things for what they are can help you cope when they do come out.
    • What feelings may pop up? Why do I feel this more during the holiday?
  1. Be good to yourself and don’t overdo it. Often, we get so busy during the holidays and we forget to make time for ourselves. Schedule some special you time. There should always be time to do something special for yourself.
    • Am I getting enough “Me” time? What can I do special for myself?
  1. Make a list of priorities and organize your time, be realistic and recruit help when you need it.
    • What do I need to do today? Who can help me carry out my list?
  1. Be grateful. Reminding ourselves of all we are grateful for helps us to connect to the positives we have in our lives and less on the negatives.
    • What 5 things am I grateful for? What’s has inspired or touched me recently?
  1. Prepare for awkward situations. For example: If certain people or situations tend to push your buttons during the holidays think of ways you can better cope with them.
    • What things bother me during holidays? How can I react differently to them this year?
  1. Take time to reflect and appreciate something about the holiday. Taking time away from the hustle and bustle to just reflect on the spirit of the holiday helps remind us of reasons to love it.
    • What do I enjoy about this holiday? How can I bring more meaning into this holiday?

These are just a few things you can use to help keep your own emotional monsters in line during the holidays. Also, don’t forget the basics. For instances, Eating well, get plenty of sleep and exercise. They may be basics, but we often forget how important these three things are in helping us stay emotionally balanced.

Hugs, Love and wonderful Holiday wishes from all the Mittles of Mittlesville

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The post Holiday Emotions – Tis the season to feel it all – What to do? appeared first on House of Harmony.


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