Here comes the rain again

Hurricanes are a certain massive storm phenomena, responsible for the widespread destruction of property, infrastructure, and the displacement of thousands of individuals throughout the land. It is truly a natural disaster that crushes the foundations high and low.

But despite the horror stories of when hurricanes are at their worst, there are a number of steps that can be undertaken in order to promote the safety and wellbeing of you, your family, and other loved ones. Here are some important steps to take whenever you may be in the path of an oncoming Hurricane:

  1. The first preparation you must make in the event of a Hurricane or similar storm is to board up your windows, doors, or other potential openings. This may seem excessive, however is highly important in order to protect you from stray debris that may or may not break windows. Hillsborough County, in the event of Irma, provided steel sheets to block the windows with, and allowed for stray debris to not collide with the glass.
  2. By securing your isolated, effective shelter from the wind and rain, you have accomplished a major task that can avoid a significant portion of the danger involved. However, this means you will be secured in your shelter, unable to get out for the duration of the storm. So, you must secure provisions to last you through a significant amount of time. This involves many nonperishables. Research your local weather station in order to find information as to how long you should plan to stay indoors. Provisions not only includes food, but batteries and any other necessary supplies for staying indoors. The power may go out, so it is always a benefit to form backup plans around it.
  3. The last step in hurricane safety is to follow customary procedures during a storm, and any instructions from authorities. This most likely involves the refraining from driving outdoors, going outdoors, evacuation orders, and any other advice communicated. A good strategy to help make it through this force of nature is having a battery-operated radio that can connect to a local news station, or national broadcasting station, for more information.

The storm is frightening, can be monstrous, and unrelenting, but with enough preparation, anyone is capable of making it through it without risk or major damage. It is imperative to keep yourself, and your loved ones safe and secure through the tumultuous event. Stay safe, and don’t leave anything to chance if you can do so.


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