Has technology become an integral part of your life?

It is a simple dependency that has been a concern throughout each generation, and each age of ingenuity and design, however is a highlighted discussion within the modern age of 2019. But the real concern is the implementation of such things in normal life, with such vast potential to drown into a technology-riddled stupor. Is modern advancement healthy?

The use of tools and technology has been historically for the purposes of making life more efficient, convenient, and leads to a more advanced way of life. The use of labor was dramatically changed with the invention of the wheel, allowing more people to prioritize on other actions or activities, eventually leading to inventions and modern life as we know it. The point of technology today as not changed. The smartphone, as an example, is the culmination of thousands of years of research and development, integrated in order to streamline the means of living of the individual, and allow them the reference of nearly the summation of human knowledge at one’s fingertips. It allows us to prioritize the important things, such as finishing projects and assignments without needing to devote hours to search for the information needed, or wait weeks for a communication with someone to be sent and responded to. It is a certain development gaining momentum, and holds limitless potential to better improve the efficiency of the human life by leaps and bounds.

But this advancement bears a certain burden, or price of conscious. There is a constant fear to be absorbed within the infinite landfill of information, entertainment, and conflict within the realms opened through such technology. It is easy to lose touch with reality, and instead prefer the stagnant comfort offered by technological advancements. But the true fear involved with the development of technology falls within the realms of complete disaster. How will one be able to cope with life when the technology is stripped away, and left with naught but there own devices in order to live? The rise of the information era has led to a severe decline in the manufacturing or handyman capabilities of the average individual, and lacking in ability to live from day to day without the connection to technology, even for simply just social connection. The familial conversation between one another can sputter, die out, and decay from the simple act of everyone proceeding to connect with the internet. If such a heavy toll, and such risk, what is the key in order to maintain your ‘unplugged’ way of life in a modern era, driven by the next big invention?

Relieve DepressionSimply this: moderation. Generation Z and the Millennial Generation have a distinct advantage when it comes to the advancement of this technology by being entirely raised within the Information age, or at least mostly brought into it. With this experience, they are capable of determining an appropriate limit to the effects of technology upon their lives, as well as whether or not they choose to become dependant on such devices. The ‘plague of technology’, and the ‘zombification’ resulting from wonderful devices comes not from the intentionless tools themselves, but from the will of the user. It is you that sets your limits, and you that determines whether or not technology controls your life.

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