Happiness | What are some habits of happier people

Happiness is harder for some people to achieve than others but that doesn’t mean they can’t get there. One thing that helps us is when we realize happiness comes from inside. It really has little to do with having certain things.

Happy Mittle would love to have a brand-new easel for painting but he isn’t unhappy because he doesn’t have it.  One of his habits is to accept where he is and what he has instead of being upset or bitter about it.  Happy Mittle views this as a fun challenge to be creative and find new ways to set up his painting. Seeing things as a chance to grow and be creative, instead of a problem that blocks, is another habit that happy people like Happy Mittle have.

End Child AnxietyHappy people also are in the habit of being compassionate and loving. They understand that when they practice being nice it also brings joy into their own lives. They tend to see the best in people because of their loving nature. Empathy Mittle is another Mittle that is in the habit of being happy and seeing the good in things.

People who are typically happy are also in the habit of not judging others. They don’t compare people and don’t feel a need to put others down to make themselves feel better. This is a habit of admiration. They look at others with love and can often find qualities in others than many people would miss.

Another great habit of happy people is that they have realistic expectations. They don’t expect themselves or others to be perfect. There is a balance to expectations and happy people work on that balance. They still have expectations, but they are not so high they can’t be reached. However, they are also not so low that they just accept anything.

Happy Mittle also understands and accepts that not everyone can be happy all the time. He is just hoping that by sharing these few habits he practices it may help. Even if it just makes you smile a bit that would make him happy.

Hugs & Love from all the Mittles of Mittlesville

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