Finding Peace in the midst of an emotional storm

Finding peace is not always easy, especially when you have a million thoughts racing through your mind.  However, there are ways to help you to re-center and create better habits to assist you in finding your peace easier in the future.

Peace Mittle is here to help us find our peace and is going to share some tips that can help you. The first thing she wants you to know is that you are not alone. Many people have a hard time quieting those pesky inner voices long enough to find a peaceful solution to their troubles.

Feelings of Anxiety, being overwhelmed, scared, angry, frustrated and confused all popping into our minds and creating a jumble of thoughts and emotions so overpowering that we can become immobilized. There isn’t a quick fix or an instant peacemaker but, there are ways to help you learn some better habits that will lead to calming the emotional storm going on inside.

Here are some steps Peace Mittle has for you to try.

1.)  Breathe and get into the “Now” – Find a quiet place to sit, Breathe in and out slowly. Now look around you and choose an object, it can be anything. Then, focus only on that object ask yourself questions about it, where did it come from? Was it a gift? Do I like this object? Any question will work. If your mind starts to wander away from that object, calmly bring it back to the object. Try doing this for at least a few minutes any time your thoughts start to become overwhelming.

2.)  Identify what you are feeling. – Are you sad, angry, frustrated, overwhelmed? Choose the feeling that best defines your feeling at that moment. Now accept this feeling by letting yourself feel. Because, trying to push the feelings away will only intensify them. Instead, accept that you are overwhelmed and that is perfectly ok. It may be an uncomfortable feeling but that is fine. Above all, allow yourself to feel awkward for a moment and just keep breathing slowly in and out.

3.)  Ask yourself what you would rather feel about the situation. – Maybe you’d rather feel impatient about the situation or even angry. Whatever you’d rather feel is ok. Let this new feeling come and replace the old one. Before long you will have learned that you can control your emotions. However, if the emotion you have chosen is still not where you want to be, repeat this step using the new emotion you chose instead, until you get to a feeling that is more acceptable to you.

4.)  Remind yourself that the only approval you need is from yourself. – To stay peaceful, you need to understand that trying to please everyone else is an uphill battle. It causes many unwanted emotions to pop up, most of which are self-defeating. Afterall, those other voices will just continue to pop into your mind and try to tell you how disappointing you are. Let them go and adopt your own personal set of approval goals. Be generous with yourself and set your boundaries and goals at a reasonable level. Then you can move those goals up as you grow more peaceful with yourself.

5.)  Take action, do one thing that will move you towards a more peaceful solution. – Nothing is done all at once, it takes many steps to reach any goal we may have. If you have been feeling overwhelmed, you may want to write a list of all the things you’d need to accomplish. Next choose one of those things you can do right now and do it. Chip away at the list one small step at a time. Remember it takes time to overcome and every step is moving you into the right direction.

6.)  Self-approval and recognition are very important. – Celebrating your accomplishments, no matter how small, is key to finding peace with yourself. Find some positive affirmations to help remind you of the wonderful person you are. In addition to that you can write your own positive statements about yourself and spend time each day reading your list and adding new ones.


Peace Mittle hopes this will help you begin the
journey to finding your peace, one step at a time.

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Hugs & Love from all the Mittles of Mittlesville

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