Fetish Factory Events – Ft Lauderdale

If you like latex and loud music, then this is the place you need to go.

The Fetish Factory Store in Ft Lauderdale, FL hosts these events on a monthly basis at different venues around the Ft Lauderdale area. Unlike many fetish events where normally only about half the crowd dresses up for the event, at Fetish Factory, there are strict dress codes for all attendees which is what makes these events such an eye-popping extravaganza to attend. So if you show up at the door in jeans, be prepared to walk around in your underwear for the evening. Everywhere you look there are latex and fetish clad ladies and men engaging all types of different kinky activities. This is the crazy event you hear about and see in the movies that you always wish you could go to. A must attend event for any kinkster if only to experience what it is to be completely immersed in fetish.


We Give the Fetish Factory Events 5 Paddles


Source: http://houseofharmony.us/feed

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