Emotions are Important – Please don’t hide your Mittles

Many of us were taught to hide our emotions in various ways. Simple phrases we hear may add to us feeling we should not feel a certain way.

Sad “Big boys don’t cry.” | “You’re such a crybaby.” | “You’re too sensitive.”

Angry “Ladies do not get angry.” | “Don’t raise your voice.” | “Just chill out.”

Scared “You’re such a pansy.” | “What a wimp.” | “You big chicken.”

Hurt “Oh, you think you have it bad.” | “You’re so dramatic.” | “What’s the big deal.”

Worry “Don’t be such a worrywart.” | “You think too much.” | “Life’s too short to worry.”

Anxiety “It’s all in your head.” | “Just let it go.” | “It could be worse.”


These are just a few things the Mittles hear which make some of them try to hide. Of course the Mittles know not all those statements are always bad but when people say them over and over it is easier for the Mittles to just hide and not show their specific emotion.

Hiding emotions really is not healthy and the Mittles really are not happy having to hide all the time so they begin to look for a way out and often the way can be very damaging.

For example: Angry Mittle was trying so hard to hide his anger at Happy Mittle, for being so upbeat all the time, that eventually he wound up roaring and yelling at Scared Mittle who had simply been hiding behind a tree minding his own business. However, if Angry Mittle had just accepted his anger and told Happy Mittle how he was feeling perhaps they could of worked out a compromise that would benefit both of them. Instead by trying to hide his feelings Angry Mittle became more angry until he couldn’t hold it in any more and wound up hurting someone who had nothing to do with the situation.

Angry Mittle may not have reacted in the best manner but he is still a very important emotional monster. For instance, he teaches us what our personal boundaries are. Anger also helps us to get our needs met and it can energize us to get things done. All of our emotional monsters are very important and are here to help us so please don’t hide the Mittles. Let them express how they feel so we can all learn and grow from what they are trying to tell us.

Hugs & Love to all from all the Mittles of Mittlesville

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