Boho Berry March Unboxing & Review


March is upon us and the 3rd Boho Berry Box has been making it’s way to subscribers! Here’s a glimpse at what we got this month and my thoughts on the subscription so far.


The Loot!


Boho Berry Member’s Only March Tracker, Sticker Sampler, and Lucky You Colorable Sticker


The tracker and samplers are just the March version of what we’ve gotten the last two months. I like the sampler because even though I may only use two or three this month I can always save them for next year. I could do without the tracker though. I used it the first month but I switch my trackers up regularly and this design just isn’t meeting my needs right now.


PenGems Limited Edition Rainbow Ball Point & Signature Pencils Boho Berry Goal Digger


This cute little ballpoint came in four color options: Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink. I, happily, got a red one which I’m a total fan of. It’s a bit girly, a bit gay, and writes very smoothly. This will definitely be heading to the office for times my fountain pens just aren’t the best option. On the other hand, I don’t use pencils that often so I’m not sure how much use I’ll get from these. There doesn’t seem to be anything special except the gold-accented “Goal Digger” at the top which is definitely a cute touch.


Time2plan Gold Foil & Blue Stripe Washi Tape & Moxiedori Compass Protractor


I LOVE the gold foil of this washi less so with the shade of “blue.” It’s more of a mint than a true blue and I’m kind of bummed that it wasn’t either translucent or green toned as it is March. Legit one of the most useful items I’ve gotten in a long while is the tool from Moxiedori! Thin enough to slide in the pocket of my Leuchtturm without making a lump but durable enough I’m not worried I’m going to break it within a few uses.

Final Thoughts on this Month’s Box

This month did seem to be lacking compared to the first two boxes. Some items felt a little cheap (ie: pencils) but others were awesome (rainbow pen and compass!). With any new venture though there’s always going to be some growing pains and working out the kinks. Kara has been really connected with her subscribers asking for feedback. I’m hoping she takes our feedback and makes the boxes even better! Because of that, I’m planning on sticking with the box a few more months to see how it grows before I jump ship.




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