Best of Our New Blogs: May 4, 2018

It can be both devastating and a relief to receive a diagnosis. It’s validating to finally know what’s been ailing you. It’s empowering to know what you can do to feel better. At the same time, a diagnosis changes a life. It changes the way you view your present and future self.

Give yourself time to accept a diagnosis. Let yourself grieve for the who you thought you were and will be. Schedule time with a compassionate friend or therapist. Do what you need to do to nurture yourself and you will gain the energy to take action and begin the process of healing.

Addiction and Shame
(Addiction & Mental Health Demystified) – Here’s how to take your power back from shame.

Dreading Mothers Day: The Daughter of The Difficult Mother’s Impossible Choice?
(The Good Daughter Syndrome) – No wonder you dread Mother’s Day. It’s all the ways you’re forcing yourself to make it happy when it feels like anything, but.

Decision-Making: Do You Know What You Want?
(Change Your Mind, Change Your Life) – This post will help you finally get unstuck.

8 Rules to Help Alleviate Being Lonely
(Tales of Manic Depression) – Tired of being lonely? You’re not alone. Read how this blogger’s working on not feeling so isolated.

For Anxiety and Depression, Do You Need Therapy, Life Skills or Both?
(Dysfunction Interrupted) – You need these eight life skills for emotional success. Which are you winning at and which do you need help with?

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