Best of Our Blogs: September 4, 2018

On Labor Day weekend, I got hit with a slew of sale ads. It was deceptively addicting. I went from feeling like I had enough to feeling like I needed a certain cream or purse. It was a good deal. There was a sense of win in purchasing something before time ran out. And I didn’t want to miss out.

There’s a part of us that still believes in the magic wand and fairy godmother who will make everything better. It’s far easier to click buy then realize the things we’re really looking for requires inner work that goes beyond external circumstances and material goods.

Those things like our posts can be aids, providing support and information so we can make the change. But the change must always come from within.

A Brief Guide to Unprocessed Childhood Toxic Shame
(Psychology of Self) – Did you know your perfectionism and trail of unhealthy relationships are due to a past experience of being shamed?

Shame: The Most Useless Emotion By Far
(Childhood Emotional Neglect) – There’s one emotion that should be separated from the rest because of its potential to hurt you. Here’s how to take control of it.

Mindfulness: Describe
(The Emotionally Sensitive Person) – Read how being mindful can actually increase trust and improve your relationships.

When Self-Doubt Stops You From Doing, Writing and Creating
(Make a Mess: Everyday Creativity) – Stuck? This creative exercise will free you from all the internal obstacles standing in your way of completing a project.

9 Ways to Deeply Care for Yourself
(Weightless) – You’ve taken steps to pamper yourself, but have you done this?

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