Best of Our Blogs: September 25, 2018

I caught this quote at a popular pizza chain and it really resonated with me. I once heard you are the sum of the people you hang out with. If you want to live with more gratitude, who you surround yourself with is imperative to your success. Every time you attempt to see life in a positive light, they’ll pull you down into their negative reality.

It can be heartbreaking to end a relationship and do the steps you need to do such as the ones discussed this week. But doing the work to heal requires it. The gold at the end of the rainbow is, however, always worth the effort.

Single Women over 50 – What’s it Like to Date
(Thriving After 50) – Here’s the 411 of what it’s really like dating in the second half of your life.

An Introduction To Boundaries and Why We Need Them
(Psychology of Self) – Read this to understand the type of boundaries you set, why you need them and how they were formed.

How To Heal From a Narcissistic Parent
(The Exhausted Woman) – Recovery from a narcissistic parent may involve these seven steps.

3 Factors That Will Keep You Stuck If You Let Them
(Childhood Emotional Neglect) – Find out what beliefs and thoughts you need to continue on your path towards change and self-growth.

Emotional Leakage
(Radical Hope) – This post reveals who is most vulnerable to emotional leakage and what they need to do to cope.

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