Best of Our Blogs: May 11, 2018

I was at the hospital and heard a boy scream. He was getting his hand stitched. Over and over again, the nurses and his mom said, “You have to do this.”

There’s one thing I learned from kids that can make anything harder. Feeling forced.

Believing we don’t have a choice can make us feel helpless, terrified and victimized.

Although they were only trying to help, the mindset of, “You can do this,” instead of, “You have to,” can go along way empowering someone especially in a situation where they feel helpless and out of control.

If you’re feeling forced about your situation, you can breathe easier with the following tips to help you see narcissism, fear and your destructive habit differently.

Are You a Narcissist?
(The Exhausted Woman) – If you’ve ever saw yourself in a description of narcissism, answering these questions will alleviate your fears.

Four Ways You May Experience Fear and Anxiety
(Fearless: Breaking Anxiety Down) – This will take some of the fear out of your fear and anxiety. Read this to understand both better.

15 Tips on Parenting Budding Borderline Behavior
(The Exhausted Woman) – The normal parenting tips like parenting books and being direct won’t work if you have a child with borderline personality disorder.

How Mom Became Narcissistic; What She Didn’t Get in Childhood
(The Good Daughter Syndrome) – This will help you understand why your mother can’t tolerate criticism, is always unhappy and wants everyone to think she’s perfect all the time.

Why We Fear Ending Destructive Habits (Try this Experiment)
(NLP Discoveries) – If the idea of ending your habit makes you afraid, you need to read this.

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