Best of Our Blogs: July 17, 2018

If you’re a frequent reader of blogs like this, I bet you tend to be hard on yourself. You’re self-critical, self-conscious and struggle with the feeling something’s wrong with you.

Maybe you grew up with narcissistic parents, dysfunctional relationships or are currently grappling with a difficult diagnosis.

This week as you read about the impact it’s had, you’ll find what you really need here: support, validation and the realization that you can recover.

Narcissism in Mothers – The Reality of the Classic Villainess
(The Exhausted Woman) – This is what being raised by a narcissistic mother looks like from conception to adulthood.

Are You Recovering From A Narcissistic Parent?
(Psychotherapy Matters) – Did you know having a narcissistic parent could cause symptoms of PTSD?

Turned on but not in the mood for sex. Is that normal?
(Let’s Talk Sex) – If you’ve ever wondered whether your lack of desire is normal, read this.

Why Do We Repeat the Same Dysfunctional Relationship Patterns Over and Over?
(Happily Imperfect) – It’s the question you’ve asked yourself every time another relationship ends. Now here’s how to break those old patterns.

Guess Who Likes Ambitious, Accomplished Single Women
(Single at Heart) – If you’re single and successful, this post is for you.

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