Best of Our Blogs: July 10, 2018

How do you return to a sense of normalcy after tragedy?

Whether it’s something that’s happened to us or someone else, adversity can throw us off balance.

It changes our worldview. How we cope can make a difference in the way we continue on our journey. We can grow resilient, strong and maybe even help others who are struggling or we can grow cynical, depressed and ill.

How well we cope is determined by a lot of things such as our past, personality, and our support system. If it takes you longer to deal with struggle then another person, don’t judge yourself. As you’ll read this week, a narcissistic parent, abuse, emotions inherited by a family member and lack of problem solving skills could all contribute, which can be remedied with help from our posts below.

Were You Raised By A Narcissistic Parent?
(Psychotherapy Matters) – Your inability to relax. Your lack of spontaneity and creativity. It’s all comes back to the same source-your narcissistic parent.

How To Stay Emotionally In Tune With Your Child Through Adolescence
(Childhood Emotional Neglect) – When your sweet loving child turns into a moody adolescence, how do you stay connected? Read this.

Statements that may be Helpful for “Normal” Couples, but are Destructive in Abusive/Narcissistic Relationships
(The Recovery Expert) – The same rules that apply to healthy relationships may not apply to you. In fact, it could be hazardous to your health.

10 Emotions That Can be Unintentionally Inherited by Children
(The Exhausted Woman) – You got your looks, interests and intellect from your family but you also got emotions from them too.

These Are Not Emotional Problems, They Are Problems With Negative Emotions Attached to Them.
(Dysfunction Interrupted) – Experiencing a hot mess of emotion? Here’s when it’s not an emotional problem, but a lack of life plan that’s causing your problems.

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